"Lui ti legge un menu."

Translation:He reads you a menu.

March 27, 2013

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Why can this not also be "he reads a menu to you"?


I tried that it didn't work!!


I made the same mistake. There is no italian word in this sentence meaning "to". We inserted our interpretation.


I am sure I saw 'menu' written with an accent, but they didn't accept it...?


this is Italian keyboard, the accent of Menu is French accent, so it doesn't recognize. :) I guess


This is incorrect English!!!


sounds weird in english - to my ears!(?) but I'm not a native speaker...


Your answer requires us to use incorrect English. In the sentence, He (does NOT) read YOU, he reads the MENU. You need to change your sentence structure to allow for a gramatically correct answer. You make this error often (ie: ending a sentence with the preposition 'to')


Definitely, "He reads you a menu" is not standard English. Options: He reads the menu for you or He reads a menu for you. And "Lui ti legge un menu" it doesn't sound something anybody would say in a restaurant, maybe you could hear that in a course for foreign students identifying what kind of readings are on the board for example. In a restaurant one might say: Per piacere, legge il menĂ¹, non ho portato i miei occhiali!


Frustrating. It seems the shorter the sentence, the more likely there's a very specific Duo answer. In American English, this sentence needs "to you" or "for you".


Menu in Italian should have an accent on the "u"'.


he reads for you a menu, does the 'for' change the meaning

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