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  5. "黑板上的字太小了!"


Translation:The words on the blackboard are too small!

July 4, 2018



Would these two(three) not also be correct?

The character(s) on the blackboard is/are too small. The word on the blackboard is too small.


"The writing on the blackboard is too small."


Hei ban doesn't seem clear in the audio (sounds like ke yi) but in the above audio translation it is very clear. Is anyone else experiencing this?


The male audio is saying the wrong sentence. I am hearing: "可以板上的字太小了."

The female voice sounds okay. It's usually the male audio that has the most issues in the Chinese course.


I can hear what you're talking about, but I believe the audio is correct. It has to do with the way that some Chinese speakers say the "h" sound more forcefully than English speakers do (at least where I'm from). I believe the linguistic term for this is the that Chinese "h" is aspirated more (by some speakers, anyway). I'm not a linguist, so that might be the wrong term, but anyway, it has to do with how forceful the airflow is when the consonant is pronounced. Try listening to the recording at different volume settings. And "try" to hear it as an "h". This often helps me when I have that problem. Also note that the tone in the recording is first tone (as is appropriate for 黑 but not 可以), and that the vowel sounds are the same between those words (e i). Meaning, it's probably the way the "h" is being pronounced that's throwing you off.


The male audio has changed. That's not what it sounded like before.


I think I would probably say the letters on the blackboard are too small.


The words are too small on the blackboard should have been accepted.


Welp, this takes me back ...


Singular should be accepted

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