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  5. "Hov leng nuq?"

"Hov leng nuq?"

Translation:What is Star Trek?

July 4, 2018



Propaganda spread by the tera'nganpu'…

(Anyone know the Klingon word for propaganda?)


We don't have a canonical expression for "propaganda" (that I know of), but you might consider something like:

vuD SIghwI' - "opinion influencer"

vuD SIghmeH jInmol - "a project for influencing opinions"

...or perhaps even:

roghvaH vuDmey SeHchu'meH jInmol'a' - "a grand scheme for completely controlling the opinions of the population"


You could simplify this to phrases with SIghmeH, like SIghmeH SoQ propaganda speech, SIghmeH De' chu' propaganda news, SIghmeH jIH much propaganda television/movie. It doesn't carry the connotation of government-run-amok that the modern English propaganda tends to have in the United States. It could be used for an anti-drug campaign as well, which is technically propaganda, but we don't usually use that word for it.


Hmm…that last one seems to be a bit of a mouthful…

Here, have some lingots!


qatlho'! batlh vIlo'bej! ("Thank you! I shall use them with honor!")


pup SIghmeH. Another English term for propaganda is IA -- influencing activities.


I imagine another possibility could be something based on this:
{ngebbogh De' chu'.}

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