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"A difficult exam."

Translation:Un examen difícil.

3 months ago



I have written down a rule... Adjectives fall after nouns, with 'de' in between. e.g. Una hamburguesa de queso

When do you know whether to have the 'de' in between the noun and adjective?

I wrote 'Un examen de dificil' and the correct answer I was given is 'Un examen dificil'

3 months ago


Not an expert but generally it is when it changes the item. For example a red glass is vaso rojo because it is still a glass but a cheese burger is hambergesa de queso because it is a hamburger of cheese.

2 months ago

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In Spanish you don't use "de" with adjectives, but with nouns. For example:

  • Una hamburguesa de queso: queso is a noun, as it is a thing. So you construct the English A cheese hamburguer changing the order and putting de in between.

  • Una hamburguesa grande: grande is an adjective, so you don't add de to say A big hamburguer.

1 month ago

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I 'feel' the difference somehow. I would add to your 'de' rule by saying 'de' is about adjectives for content not for description.

Eg. Un examen de español Un examen difícil

Una tienda de ropa Una tienda elegante

2 months ago

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Why is "un examen duro" incorrect? Is duro only for hard materials?

3 months ago


Un examen deficil

2 months ago



1 month ago


I'm confused about the Feminine and Masculine part. Why not "Una examen"?

1 month ago


Why is there an accent on the middle syllable? I thought the accent fell on the second to last syllable unless otherwise marked.

1 week ago