July 5, 2018



How is this letter pronounced?


Like the "gi" in "giant. The j should be like the "j" in "judge". Other words that DON'T start with "j", but DO end with the same ay sound: "buy", "cry", "die", "guy", "high", "lie", "my", "pie", "rye", "sigh", "sky", and "tie". ay makes that sound - it sounds a little like ah-ee (which is why it is written with an a and a y in Klingon).

Was the explanation in the Tips & Notes not clear or did you not read the Tips & Notes yet?


It has been a while since I read the Tips and Notes page, and as it is not available on the app and Duolingo has still not included the audio I forgot how 'j' was pronounced.


I love this pronunciation! I'm scottish, this is how we say the letter J in English too !

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