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Kindle Fire HD troubleshooting

Hi! I'm new to Duolingo so am not sure where to post this. I have just tried installing this on my Kindle Fire HD but am having trouble signing in through my Facebook account (I select "OK" when it comes up with "Duolingo would like to access your public profile, friend list and email address" but it acts as though I pressed "Cancel" as it goes back to the sign-in screen. Anybody else have this problem, and if so, how did you fix it other than creating a non-Facebook log-in? Thank you! (Looks like a great app on the computer though, looking forward to using it loads!)

April 29, 2014



I just put it on my Kindle Fire HD too and it is doing the same exact thing. It would be awesome if someone could clue us in on how to get it to work. Please and thank you!


That makes three of us. At least I can use it on my phone.


You might have a look at the comments and the workaround in this discussion:

And here is another one:

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