"No, thank you, I don't want beans."

Translation:No, gracias, no quiero frijoles.

3 months ago



I think that "No, no quiero frijoles, gracias" shoul be acceptable for this translation.

2 months ago


yo frijoles. Why "yo" ????

1 month ago


Earlier there was a discussion about using the definite article before the noun — Los camareros. But here we don't use the def. article in front of "beans" even though the sentence refers to "beans' in general. Would DL have marked me wrong if I had written "los frijoles"

1 month ago


This time I did, and was marked wrong.

1 month ago


I guess everything is up for interpretation, because I didn't understand it as a general refusal of beans. To me it sounds more like someone is refusing a dish offered to them. And you can like beans in general but not want any now.

3 days ago


If a sentence is "I don't like beans." would it be los frijoles?

1 month ago


I got this one wrong, but then Duo surprised me with their alternative answer!
Instead of "no quiero", Duo used "no me apetecen".
Apparently, this means "I don't feel like" or "I don't fancy" or "I don't crave".
Could be a useful word: apetecerse

1 week ago


how can "no gracias a a usted ,no quiero frijoles" be the correct answer????

1 month ago


I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in theaters

3 months ago
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