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"¿Ustedes están tristes hoy?"

Translation:Are you sad today?

3 months ago



Can someone explain why "estan" is used in this instance? I thought UstedeS (and estan) was used when referring to a group of people...but this seems to be asking just one person? I don't have accents on my keyboard...

3 months ago

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Can someone explain why "estan" is used in this instance?

"están" is used here because it's the conjugated form of the verb "estar" , when used with "ustedes".


but this seems to be asking just one person?

Why is that ?
I'm not so sure that this question is being asked to one person.

If I look at the Spanish sentence, it tells me that the question is being asked to more than one person.

The other way around, looking at the English sentence, "Are you sad today" , the word "you" could be singular/plural.

2 months ago

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Are you....? can be asking one person or two or more.

"Are you sad today?" can also be translated "¿Estás triste hoy?" or "¿Está usted triste hoy?" Dúo should accept all three.

3 months ago

[deactivated user]

    The plural is clearly used here; that is what I hear. The speaker is obviously referring to two or more people; however, if you were translating from English to Spanish there might be more possiblilities, because then the "you"could refer to bothe the plural and thr singular.

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    "Are you all sad today?" is the most accurate English translation.... although use of the term "you all" is frowned on as being "poor English" across much of the USA except in the south where this is standard English.

    2 months ago


    You All= todos ustedes... Tú/ ustedes = you All depends of the context

    1 week ago


    How do we know it's a question? The speaker did not raise her pitch at the end of her spoken sentence, which would have indicated that it is a question. Her inflection was the same as a declarative sentence. I wrote the correct words for the sentence, but I was apparently missing the question marks.

    2 months ago


    That shouldn't count against you. DL ignores punctuation as far as I can tell.

    1 month ago


    They do seem to ignore most punctuation, however they marked my answer as wrong in this case. This is most likely because my word order was not correct for a question. I wrote "You are sad today". (I didn't reverse subject and verb, since the speaker didn't use a question inflection).

    1 month ago


    I said, "Are you GLOOMY today?" and was told wrong, even though "gloomy" is one of the listed translations.

    2 months ago


    "Are ye sad today?" is an accurate translation and is what I would say when addressing more than one person.

    1 month ago