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"Why is the blade of your knife red?"

Translation:qatlh Doq tajlIj 'etlh?

July 5, 2018



'ach qatlh wuSDu'DajDaq wuS rItlh ngoHmeH tajDaj lo' be'vam?


qatlh was spelled Qatlh in the question version I got. (The solution choices were multiple choice and all had qatlh mispelled as Qatlh.)


Yes it is part of why we are still in beta. There is nothing the contributors can do about it and it seems like it's pretty far down the programmers' to-do list. You can read about the other known problems at: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26778885


Sorry, I see now that there is a list of things not to report and that is one of them.


Don't apologize around Klingons. Just offer a replacement proverb. Also, we understand about how well hidden that type of information is on Duolingo, so we don't mind helping you find it.


It seems obvious that "tajlIj 'etlh" is acceptable, but would "taj 'etlhlIj" also not be so?


"Your blade of the knife" sounds like it means something in particular, but I can't figure out what. In any case, the English here makes it clear that it's "your knife", not "your blade".

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