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"There are many holes in my floor."

Translation:ravwIjDaq qungmey law' tu'lu'.

July 5, 2018



The word qung means hole in a musical instrument. The word QemjIq means hole in general. You can't have a qeng in your floor unless you use the holes to play your floor like a musical instrument.


The meaning of qung has been clarified to mean any perforation, whereas QemjIq is "hole" in the sense of a depression: http://klingonska.org/canon/2012-01-26-email.txt


The three choices given were: 1) RavwIjDaq law' qungmey. 2) RavwIjDaq beb law''e' tu'lu'. 3) RavwIjDaq qung law' jul. None of which matches the translation above.


I guess it's kind of a bug in the programming. ravwIjDaq law' qungmey and ravwIjDaq qungmey law' tu'lu' basically mean the same thing and both translations are marked as "best translations" in the system. The fact that the software would give you one as a correct option, but then show you a different one as the suggested translation is just nuts. Do you happen to have a screen shot that I can show the programmers?

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