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"Ellos quieren comer una ensalada."

Translation:They want to eat a salad.

1 month ago



Sounds like they want to eat one salad?? Would it be more accurate to say ensaladas or las ensaladas, if the article is necessary?

1 month ago

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They want to eat one salad apiece. Spanish is distributive; if you say, "Ellos quieren comer ensaladas," you're stating that they each want to consume more than one salad.

1 month ago


Yes, they only want to eat one salad! - If they want to eat more salads, then DL would write "Quieren comer varias ensaladas".

1 month ago


What about "ellos quieren comer ensalada." It's more natural in English but is the artical required in Spanish?

3 weeks ago