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The highs and lows of Duo-linger-on

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*Completed my Spanish tree *

Me: Yay!

Most of my skills are not golden

Me: Oh no!

Made all my skills golden

Me: Yay!

Duo introduces crowns

Me: Oh no!

Duo introduces test-out

Me: Yay!

[Lately I've been working tirelessly to reach Level 5 on all my skills, and Level 25 overall]

Duo adds 57 more skills/lessons^

Me: Oh no!

Duo's goal is clear: to make us spend as much time as possible here. I feel bad for new users (and older ones too). Well, I think it's time to spend more time living and less time on Duo.

PS: ^ = Seriously, most of the questions in the newly added skills/lessons could have been merged with the existing skills/lessons. But it's Duo-linger-on, and we get what we get.

1 month ago