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Is this program free all the way??

I just learned about this program and started it right away. I have to say I love it! Is it really free all the way to advance? Or for a limited time or up to a certain level? Please advise! Sophie

March 27, 2013



It's really free! You will not be charged to use Duolingo at any point :)


Thank you for the reply. That is great! How far does this program go? Beginer level, intermediate, advanced? Thank you.


I'd say, intermediate. About 1500-2000 words + all the major grammar. If you do a lot of translations, your vocabulary will be larger. For speaking skills you'd better find some additional practice.


Thank you! That is good enough for now. Hope they have enough words for menu!:-)


yep its free i love it i wish it had more lingos

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