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Where 125 days of Duolingo Russian have brought me

Hello, I'm gonna post this here to let people know of the things the Duolingo Russian course has made me capable of doing after 125 days of study, so that other people interested in the app may join in on the fun as well :)

My current spot in the whole Russian course is two lessons after the half way checkpoint.

So what has Duolingo helped me be capable of doing?

My friend has recommended me several RusNet websites such as OK.RU, where it's like Reddit, but for Russians. Surprisingly, I'm able to get a very good idea of what people are writing without translating the words. It was a very nice surprise.

Whenever I come across Russian Youtubers commenting in the comments section, I could surprisingly read quite a bit of what they are saying.

Just now, I was listening to a Soviet Russian song (that had lyrics in it, of course) and I found myself surprising myself, yet again, that I could read much of the lyrics.

I'm able to hold pretty decent conversations with my Ukrainian and Russian friends too.

I do want to make the point that I can't read everything I come across. And after 125 days, I feel qualified to tell newcomers what Duolingo is all about and what it will make you stronger in and what it won't really help you out with.

It WON'T make you stronger in your listening skills, but it will definitely make you stronger in reading in the Russian language. I use Lingq to improve on my listening skills in Russians, and Duolingo to improve my vocabulary. I recently started using lingq two weeks ago, though. And Duolingo definitely made it easier for me to use the app, because I was already familiar with all the words.

When I came into the Duolingo course 125 days ago, I had 2 weeks worth of experience studying the Cyrillic alphabet, and with that experience in mind, I found that it didn't reallyyyyy focus a lot on the alphabet itself. But Googling for "Cyrillic alphabet" pictures should be of some use to you.

How did I get to this point in such a short time frame?

Well, it's quite a fairly simple technique. I'd say the most important thing to remember is to not "Rush B" the course, and not expect immediate results. It did, afterall, take me only 125 days to get to this point, which sounds like a long time, but it honestly feels like yesterday that I started :)

When I use Duolingo, I use it primarily to learn vocabulary. But will you magically learn vocabulary from using Duolingo? Lol, no, unfortunately not. If it were that simple, I'd've finished the course a long time ago :)

Think of Duolingo as a guitar, or any other tool. It's an instrument. A person who properly uses the instrument can play some incredible songs, but a person who is practicing will have to persist and practice and practice and train to play the guitar very well. Duolingo is a tool that can be misused, and I think that's the source of a lot of criticism that people have against it come from: They don't use the tool properly!!

How do people misuse it? Well, a common complaint people have is that Duolingo engages in too much repetition. Yes, it does, but how else will you learn the language? Through repetition!

Repetition is something Duolingo does very well at, while also exposing you to new words.

But repetition can be mundane and boring.... How do you do it without getting the feeling of dread?

When I use Duolingo, I simply go down the skills lists; do one lesson in each skill and keep on going. Sure, you could grind each skill to the next level and move on to the next level... But is that something you'd enjoy doing? If so, more power to you!! But me, personally, Nope!! :3 I do it this way.

I also go on the RusNet websites, as listed above, and I immerse myself into what other Russians are talking about.

Duolingo also works well as a subconscious grammar lesson. After much repetition, when you come across a new sentence and you can infer where to place the words. I think that's pretty neat. =)

Hope this helps!!! =)

July 6, 2018



Thank you for this. And, no, it wasn't a long post. Or should I say that it wasn't a too long post? It's nice to see how people are doing in a language I'm working on, as well. It's inspiring! I've only been at Russian for about two weeks now, I think, and can now recognize words here and there 'in the wild'. Every time that happens, it makes me quite happy. And, thanks to this and updates on people also studying Russian, I keep at it, even if it is a challenge for me to do so. So, once again, thank you!


Mate, you are doing great:D


Hi, you and I have exact same streaks! And we also focus on Russian. Let's keep going!


Heck yeah! How's your Russian going? Do you mind sharing? =)


Sorry I haven't been responding to you guys! I do work as a paramedic and it takes up sooo much of my time, but I've read every single comment here. Thank you guys!! =)


Wow! What a long post -w- Sorry


You made me wanna spend more time on Duolingo, though.


Do it! :) It pays off, as FluffyDasher says.


Я согласна.) Молодец!


Большое тебе спасибо. Трудно работает)))


It is wonderful to see that you are making genuine progress with your Russian! I have just begun learning Russian, and your words has given me confidence to continue doing so. The challenging nature of the language is quite attractive to me, but seeing others succeed does somewhat reassure me of my decision to begin learning. Best of luck with your studies!


Well, for the languages i already know, English, German Spanish and French, my native one, I use duo for revision. I use the key, which is very practical in this case, not to be bored by repetition.

For new languages, Turkish and Portuguese for me, I study every lesson without using the key. I need to repeat and repeat. And little by little, I memorize.

The three other languages, Russian, Chinese and Greek, that was just to see how duo teaches them with a different alphabet. I would rather be interested by Arabic and Indonesian. But first Turkish and Portuguese, that I am just beginning.

For Turkish that I am studying since november, I really see the progresses I made now. So thanks to duo.


Thank you for this post! Very inspiring to see it's possible to make progress in a language that seems so difficult to me. I'll keep on practicing German (which I learned in school) but I should be able to really start on Russian soon enough! Thank you again :)


Браво, браво! Ты прав. Отличная работа!


great job!i'm learning french with doulingo and i also like learn Russian!i learned Cyrillic alphabet about 2 years ago by one of my relatives (whom had been in Ukraine 10 years ago) and i don't have enough time to learn russsian...but i learned a lot by listening to russian songs(here is some of popular Russian/Ukrainian music artist : potap i nastya(Ukrainian/Russian),sergey lazarew ,serebro,elka(Ukrainian/Russian),dima bilan,kacta(and more)and "Russian music box"(TV channel) and following Russian comedians in Instagram:))) keep going!:D you're doing it great!


potap i nastya

YES!! Another P&N fan! I like all of MOZGI Entertainment, but my favorite MOZGI artists are Vremya i Steklo and Potap & Nastya.


Vremya i Steklo?!?! That's the best clubbing music...not that I'm a clubber, but whatever. XD


If I was a clubber, I'd go to Ukrainian and Russian nightclubs and insist that they only play MOZGI Entertainment music. :)


Vremya i Steklo?? ohhhh...i forgot them! i'm in love with imya 505!:)))


That was the first song I heard from them! Someone posted the lyrics to the intro on a Russian sentence discussion thread and the rest is history.


i found this song in spotify


I love how you explained it! Keep practising!


Wow! Those are really good news! Thanks for sharing!


Давай, удачи с русским. Сначала не понял, что за "Rush B", но как только загуглил и наткнулся на это видео https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I8N4Me5r1I , то всё понял :D. Почему бы тебе не попробовать memrise.com? На этом сайте можно вокабуляр прокачать при помощи "мемов" (путём ассоциаций запоминаются слова легче, долго объяснять).


Hello, well done!

On average how much time/"xp" do you spend/get each day?

Really inspiring to see you accomplish this!

They ay I like to do it is to slowly level up each skill like a ladder of 5 steps. The basic idea is that you start on the first row if it's 5 skip til next ro until it's level 4, then go down as a stair leveling it up once on each row, when you get to zero you start over again, when doing it like this I feel like you get less of the grinding but still get the important repetition so you really get to know what you're doing.


Start from the top at the list and make sure you level up that level

Start like this,

Row 1: Level 5 on the complete row

Row 2: Level 4 on the complete row

Row 3: Level 3 on the complete row

Row 4: Level 2 on the complete row

Row 5: Level 1 on the complete row

Row 6: Level 0 on the complete row


Row 1: Already level 5

Row 2: Level 5 on the complete row

Row 3: Level 4 on the complete row

Row 4: Level 3 on the complete row

Row 5: Level 2 on the complete row

Row 6: Level 1 on the complete row

Row 7: Level 0 on the complete row


Row 1: Already level 5

Row 2: Already level 5

Row 3: Level 5 on the complete row

Row 4: Level 4 on the complete row

Row 5: Level 3 on the complete row

Row 6: Level 2 on the complete row

Row 7: Level 1 on the complete row

Row 8: Level 0 on the complete row


Somehow i got so many problems learning the Cyrillic alphabet. I'm having an german keyboard, i just installed the russian - language layout on it. I mean, learning a new language is on part & learning a new alphabet is another part....

But it's awesome to hear that you learned so much over duolingo! :)


Try something like this https://translit.net/ I use it so I don't have to mess about with my keyboard settings every day.


Long discussion! Interesting sotry, keep it up!


I honestly don't understand people who say the alphabet is hard at all. Tbh I think learning the Latin* orthography a language like Irish or Hungarian takes longer.

For the hardest aspect of Russian is by far the endless case-conjugation and variable word order.

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