"How much are the shoes?"

Translation:Viatu bei ngapi?

July 6, 2018

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I don't see why "viatu ni shilingi ngapi " would not be ok.


Is that Translation correct? I would say it is either "bei gani?" or "shilingi ngapi?" But "Bei ngapi" would mean "how many Prices" or am I wrong?


I don't see think it is correct to say bei gani because that would translate to what is the price. In this case how much is something should be ni shilingi ngapi. I guess maybe they just mismatched answers


what is the difference between "bei ngapi" and "shilingi ngapi"?


DL introduced shilingi ngapi as how much. Later in the lessons they brought up bei ngapi. And now all of a sudden shilingi ngapi is wrong and only bei ngapi is correct? Matter in fact shilingi ngapi is given as the main hint.


Sometimes Duolingo asks for shilingi ngapi and sometimes bei gani, for the same structure of question. It should accept both answers surely.

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