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"Yo tengo un gran trabajo."

Translation:I have a great job.

1 month ago


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Wish I could say the same thing! :(

1 month ago


I have a big job should be accepted. Surely gran trabajo would be used to describe a large task at work? I would have thought un bien trabajo would be the translation for a really good career job, not gran?

1 month ago

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I have a big job should be accepted.

No it shouldn't.

Gran = great.

Grande = big.

1 month ago


That is not correct.

"Gran" is the short form of "grande", which can be placed in front of the noun. The meaning is the same though: big/great depending on the context.

Example: Un gran perro. This means a big dog, not a great dog.

1 month ago

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I've always understood that when gran is in front of the noun it means great; when grande comes after the noun it means big or large.
So, un gran hombre = a great man
un hombre grande = a large man, or a big man

1 week ago