Spanish Practice Feature

Hi team!

I love Duolingo (I'm an English speaker learning Spanish), but I've got a bit of an issue with the "Practice without a timer" feature (reached by pressing the "Practice" button on the home screen or the button in the lower-right corner of the mobile app. I like to do a couple of these sessions each day as a way of trying to keep older words fresh. However, ever since the new crowns system was implemented a few months back I seem to be getting the same three or four sentences EVERY time I practice, including:

"Tienes alguna pregunta" - Do you have any questions? "Quiero algĂșn vino bueno" - I want some good wine "Necesitamos algĂșn plato de pescado" - We need a fish dish

No matter how many times I get them right, these same sentences keep popping up, multiple times each in a single practice session. This seems like a problem with the algorithm that chooses what words to practice - I would love to see it corrected.

Also, is this happening to anyone else?


July 6, 2018


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