"It is half past twelve in the afternoon."

Translation:Je půl jedné odpoledne.

July 6, 2018

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Half one = half past 12 ? "View these as the fractions of the hour elapsed towards the hour specified". I have heard this for regional English, but ignored it. Apparently it is more widespread. But do we say 12:30 in Czech, for the age of digital clocks? Dvanáct třicet


No, half one means half past one!

I added that as a possible translation.


But the czech is literally 'half one'. No wonder the odd non-standard England usage confused me. Also in german, halb zehn = half past nine. [ I am in Paris now. Can we all standardise to the 24 hour clock? That is a rhetorical question. The smart phone has replaced the wrist watch for very many people. Though many public clocks have analogue faces, the time can be reported from them digitally.] Incidentally, my french czech phrase book counsels beginners against the 'head ache' of calculating time in relation to the following hour.


It's a joy isn't it? Yes, halb zehn in Germany is 9.30 (or 21.30), but half ten in the UK is 10.30 (or 22.30). I'm guessing lots of meetings get lost in translation!

I'm not so much having a headache with that here (I've spent long enough knowing about German half ten to understand the Czech version), but I don't understand why the jedné here appears to be genitive feminine (according to my understanding of the table in Notes). Odpoledne is neuter, isn't it. Any help gratefully accepted!


jedna - a feminine word

odpoledne - a neuter word

All words must be learned independently including their gender.

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