Meet the modern Spartan language

For any of you Greek learners who are also interested in (Greek) linguistics, meet Tsakonian (τσακώνικα):

It's the most distinct modern hellenic "dialect" - it's basically a distinct hellenic language, since it's not mutually intelligible with Standard Modern Greek.

The reason why it's so different from other modern hellenic dialects, is because, while every other modern dialect, including SMG, derives from Koine Greek, and eventually from Attic (the dialect of ancient Athens), Tsakonian is believed to be the only ancestor of Doric Greek, the dialect of ancient Sparta!

Unfortunately, it's a highly endangered language.

July 6, 2018


Very interesting. Η θελω να μαθω

July 7, 2018

Hey there. If what you meant was "I want to learn it", then it's "θέλω να τη μάθω". The object, "τη (γλώσσα)", is in the accusative. Glad you liked it!

July 7, 2018

buen aporte, gracias

July 7, 2018

It is not a common Greek dialect. But it's value is obvious. I cannot speak it. Just in the area of Tsakonia near Sparta and Nafplio is spoken this dialect. And most likely it is necessary to protect it as it is under extinction. Notice that Doric dialect was common in all areas inhabited by the Dorian Greek tribe, as it was Doris, near Modern Amfissa, Epirus and Macedonia and the Dorian colonies in Asia Minor (in Modern Turkey), South Italy and Sicily. There are many works written in this dialect, as Dorians were a war tribe, and Artic dialect was a more developed dialect so as it prevailed.

July 7, 2018
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