Sentence structure when asking a question about a subject doing an action in norwegian?

How are sentences involving asking a question about a subject doing an action?? for example duo's told me that eg "what is the animal eating?" would be structured as "hva spiser dyret?", but how would you structure "what is eating the animal?"? ive consulted google translate and its only confused things:(

July 6, 2018


"what is eating the animal?" = hva er det som spiser dyret

July 7, 2018

tusen takk! i'll note this one down instead just so its clearer

July 10, 2018

Never consult Google Translate. It is braindead, and will always be.

'Hva spiser dyret?' can be understood both ways. In order to be more specific, and eliminate ambiguity, you can put it as:

Hva er det dyret spiser? = What is the animal eating? (Literally 'What is it the animal is eating?')

Hva er det som spiser dyret? = What is eating the animal? (Literally 'What is it that is eating the animal?')

July 9, 2018

yeah i need to stop using google translate as a back up for sure... but thank you!! this has cleared things up:)

July 10, 2018

[deactivated user]

    Google translate is not a person. it is a machine. It makes the funniest and silliest mistakes. Look at manuals of goods you bought that were not produced in your own countrry. Where have the real dictionaries gone? Iam so glad I have shelves full of them (some of them even have some grammar rules in them)!

    July 11, 2018
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