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Error in lesson with no appropriate report option

I typed the correct answer for salt in Ukrainian and had it marked incorrect - So I typed it with a capital C and it was still incorrect this happened three times before I typed cil in English letters because that was listed as a correct answer - and I finally had it marked correct. There was no option in report except picture does not match word, which is not the fault I want to report. This is extremely frustrating too because that was the only so called error I made in 3 lessons. I hope you will fix the problem. Thank you.

July 7, 2018



I am presuming this is the same error as I tried to report 2 months ago: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27200675

July 16, 2018


yes I guess so - I just started duo, realised after making this post there are a few glitches like this; sometimes people reported them months or years ago. I don't know enough about the way Duo works to comment further as to why they aren't fixed. I read a discussion about sending a bug report form. Maybe we need to find and submit that. Most of the program is great though.


At the bottom of this page is a link to help (or at the top in a drop down menu near your username). At the bottom of the help page is a link to the bug report form. The staff at Duolingo however make a division between a) program bugs which their developers are responsible for and which that form is for, and b) course content errors which the course contributors are responsible for. Even if the developers could help the course contributors out here by running a simple query to find all Ukrainian sentences which have a character outside of the Ukrainian character set (including those with accent marks) I suspect that before it can get to that stage the bug report will be ignored because it is clearly talking about course content. (Which is what is meant to happen in the normal course of things, and allows an efficient distribution of effort, and normally that's very good.) Which leaves the volunteer course contributors relying on the needle in the haystack approach using error reports - which don't have sufficient options for correct error reporting - to try and find these erroneous sentences.

As someone who has completed the Ukrainian course previously, I wish to state that I did not - as far as I recall - encounter many such sentences. It is in my opinion a good course.

(My opinion only: I have a concern that some erroneous sentences may have recently come to light again - there was a suggestion that with the introduction of the crown levels some sentences which had previously been automatically considered too hard would be reintroduced - but I have no inside knowledge on this.)


thanks for the reply especially the information on the two strands of Duo organisation and how to find a bug report info. I agree with you the course is really great; I'm enjoying it, learning lots and appreciating all that must have gone into making it! I intended my error reports to support improvement, not as criticism, and hope they are read as such.

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