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Typing things in Chinese characters

I am unsure where to find a good online keyboard for Mandarin. I am aware that Chinese keyboards are massive, but it is becoming slightly annoying as my proficiency in Mandarin develops - I'd really love to join a Mandarin-speaking message board or forum. All the best ^^

July 7, 2018



Chinese keyboards are massive? What are you talking about? image

Just install a Chinese input method editor, i.e. search for "install Chinese IME" and follow the instructions.

[edit]Sorry, you asked for an online IME:


1、我们常用输入法软件之一,One of our commonly used input method software. https://pinyin.sogou.com/

2、年轻人常去的论坛,Young people often go to the forum: https://www.zhihu.com/ https://www.jianshu.com/

当然你得懂那么一点我们的语言才行,或者找个英文同样好的小伙伴,开启你的QQ或微信畅聊之旅。 Of course you have to understand a little bit of our language. Or find a good English partner to open your QQ or WeChat communication journey.


Thanks for your much appreciated help <3

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