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"¿Necesitas ponerte este abrigo ahora?"

Translation:Do you need to put on this coat now?

3 months ago



Could this sentence be translated as Do you need to put this coat on now?

1 month ago


This was accepted for me.

1 month ago

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'Do you need to put on this coat now?' always means 'Do you need to wear this coat now?'.

'Do you need to put this coat on (yourself/him/the table) now?' loses the clarity, unless context is provided as given in the ().

1 month ago


why is ponerse marked wrong?

3 months ago

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It depends whether you use the -form or the usted-form. Both are correct, but you have to be consistent, meaning you have to choose between:

  • ¿Necesitas (tú) ponerte este abrigo ahora? (-form)
  • ¿Necesita (usted) ponerse este abrigo ahora? (usted-form)
3 months ago


nicely done Amine

2 weeks ago


Ok I'm confused or something. I put "try on" duolingo marks it wrong and says "put on", I try "put on" duolingo marks it wrong and says "wear", I put "wear" and duolingo marks it wrong and say "try on"

Why do I have to put on the coat, why can't I try it on? Why do I not want to try the shirt, why can't I not want to wear the shirt or put on the shirt? (¿Por qué no quieres probarte la camisa?) Why is the question if I want to put on the jacket, why can't I want to try on the jacket? (¿Quieres ponerte esta chaqueta?)

6 days ago