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Grace Harte. A film in the Irish Language.

This three part drama series is currently available on TG4 website. It is set on the west coast of Ireland and is largely in Irish. It has won the CIRCOM media award for best drama and it is definitely worth a look.

Here is the link to the first episode. https://www.tg4.ie/en/player/home/?pid=5738570635001&teideal=Grace%20Harte&series=Grace%20Harte&dlft=25

July 7, 2018



It has subtitles in English if you want them and you might be surprised at how many phrases and words you can understand. Very well acted with good casting and the fact that it is in black and white makes it very atmospheric. I really enjoyed it.


Challenging Gaelige practice, but with the subtitles and a little patience you can tease out many of the sentences. "Tá lá ár mbáis direach cosúil le haon lá eile." The day of our death is just like any other day.

Stunning and gripping in "dubh agus bán". Magnificent execution (d.e. intended), superb performances. But I'm still enough of a romantic to wish Leo and Grace could have moved forward lovingly towards a compromise before their lives spiraled into the abyss.


Too advanced for me! I'm still in TG4's daoine óga section, lol.


Go raibh mile Maith agat Lesley , I M going to enjoy this when I have a bit more spare time , the family are visiting from Ireland at the moment , It looks like a great series


Tá an chéad chlár ar fáil ar feadh cúig lá is fiche.


Tá fáilte romhat. As BradleyJoy has said, the first episode is only available for the next three weeks or so. They do sometimes extend the availability though. Hope you have a good time with your family.


Really awesome! Thanks for sharing this.


GRMA for the recommendation. I binge-watched the whole thing today. I understood more Gaeilge than I expected. From the looks of it, it was filmed very close to where my family came from.


Glad you enjoyed it. I have watched it several times, catching more of the Gaeilge each time. I'm not sure where it is filmed, but some of the scenery looks like places I have visited in Donegal.

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