"Myl každou sobotu všechna okna."

Translation:He washed all the windows every Saturday.

July 7, 2018

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This sentence sounds a bit odd in English without a 'the'. 'He washed all the windows every Saturday' is better


I agree that it's better with "the" on the English side. "All OF the windows" also would often be used in English, but that might not work on the Czech side.


All of the mentioned forms are accepted. I changed the default according to your suggestion.


I fear we will be getting reports requesting všechna ta okna (that should really have those windows), but what can we do... We should use natural sentences where possible.


I've been thinking about this. If you start getting lots of questions about a missing "ta," maybe you could revert to the original main translation without "the." While I think the translation is better with it, the sentence without it still makes sense and it's not grammatically incorrect. And "the" could still be an accepted variant.

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