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Swahili Chrome Audio Extension is Out!!

Hamjambo to all! My audio extension for Swahili is now OFFICIALLY live on the Chrome web store!! With it, lessons will have decent quality audio that should help all Swahili learners master the language!

The link to the extension is:


It is a Beta release so performance issues are a real possibility. Please report any bizarre performance bugs and I will try my best to fix them.

Other than that, enjoy!!

July 7, 2018



Wow, great! You said that it would work too on Firefox and possibly Safari? Any update on Edge?


Should be up on Firefox and Opera by Tuesday, barring any weird reasons it is incompatible on those browsers, and investigating more on whether Safari would work/ how to deploy to Safari in the coming days. Have done a bit more investigation on Edge and still looks grim in that it may not support the functionality I need. Even Firefox looks as if it may only work on specific operating systems. Not one of the most developer-friendly, browser-independent web technologies I've ever worked with, that's for sure, but I will do my best to get it supported on as many platforms as I can!


Okay, that's great! Hm, that's too bad about Edge . . . you'd think Microsoft would make it more developer-friendly. . . .


ahh this sounds awesome! thanks so much for developing this, will definitely give it a try later!


It works ... it sometimes starts slowly and won't say a sentence without being prompted until you're a few sentences into a lesson.

The pronunciation itself is I guess what you could expect from using another language as a pronunciation guide.


Thanks for the feedback! :) the starting slowly issue is a weird bug that only showed itself after releasing it (i.e. didn't exist in testing). Looking into it. As for the pronunciations, expect subtle changes to come with time, but all in all that is the drawback as you said to using another language. In a perfect world Chrome will eventually support Swahili TTS and this wouldn't be a problem, but alas, I have to work with what I have until then.


Yes, I've had this too. But knowing that it will kick in at some point helps me be patient with it and not think something big has gone haywire.


Until I've solved this issue, I've found a good temporary solution is to refresh the page at the beginning of each new lesson. Hope it helps in the meantime.


You’re awesome!


I'll try it out when I get home :-) Yay!


I haven't tried it yet, as I want to finish my Spanish tree before I move onto Swahili. But I just wanted to say thank you so much for working on this. It's appreciated. This could help a lot of people.


Thank you for you all of your work! I'm excited to try it out soon.


Thank you so much! Finally we can learn Swahili properly !


super!!!! großartig! Ich hätte so vieles völlig falsch ausgesprochen, merke ich gerade. Thank you very much!


Does this work on Opera?


absolutely godsent, great work man. Really improved my Swalihi experience. Keep up the great work.

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