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  5. "Maybe the cats are not ours."

"Maybe the cats are not ours."

Translation:Forse le gatte non sono le nostre.

March 27, 2013



I think I'm starting to finally get this but would an italian speaker please confirm.

In this sentence, if you use "I gatti" you have to finish it off with "i nostri", and if you use "le gatte" then you finish it off with "le nostre", am I right?


Yes, adjectives and possessions have to agree with the gender and the number of the subject.


Thank you, (o piuttosto grazie tanto). :)


Thank you!!!


Why is it that "cats" appears to be sometimes masculine and sometimes feminine? It seems like "i gatti" and "le gatte" are both accepted. I haven't noticed any other words that can have both genders, and it seems like "cat" is always masculine when singular.


Though we do want to show you that there are two ways to say cat, we don't want to bore you by teaching you all the names for both genders of each animal. Feel free to use either wherever appropriate :)


Great! But, maybe a note that this happens somewhere early on might help?


Why le gatte? And is I gatti also correct


When do I use "di noi" and when "nostri"?


Maybe they're not. We've got so many we wouldn't know.


Why is it that this time "ours" needs an article, but with the singular, it's not necessary?


I'm calling bs on having to use the feminine to get credit. There is no context, so either gender should suffice.


Is "Può darsi che i gatti no sono nostri." a suitable translation? To me it seems that this would mean "It may be that the cats are not ours." This answer was given as an option in a multiple choice question, but it was not highlighted as an answer.


I think you'd need the subjunctive here: "può darsi che i gatti non siano nostri"


Ah, yes, that sounds about right.


If there is only one negative used in the Italian sentence, it should be 'non' instead of 'no'. I can't say about the rest of the sentence ..


I wrote; può darsi che i gatti non siano i nostri. Since the sentence implies a doubt, I believe the subjunctive is the right answer. However, DL rejects it. and gives me this answer: Può darsi che i gatti non sono i nostri. sono is not the subjunctive but the present affirmative. Should I continue learning here where I am taught the wrong way?


I have a question. Why there are two forms of plural cats- i gatti and le gatte. Is it for masculin cats _ i gatti and for femimine _ le gatte? Thank you in advance.


why i gatti and i nostri incorrect as plural for gatto???? I get it if it is OK to use both but surely all plural is not incorrect!!!


It seems we have to be mindreaders to know whether Duolingo wants us to make cats masculine or feminine. It also seems that they haven't looked at these comments in 5 years, or they would have corrected "wrong" to "an alternative answer"


Why am I marked as wrong for ' Forse i gatti non sono i noi'?


WHAT is it that determined the word cats ( normally a masculine word ) to be feminine in this sentence. If written in masculine, I am told that it's wrong.


Having read the comments quite far back, I still don't understand why Duolingo says that using the correct masculine plural for "cats" and "ours" is incorrect. In general speech, the masculine is used much more than feminine and is of course also used for plural nouns of mixed genders.


C'mon, why 'i gatti' is not good????

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