"No puedo trabajar mañana."

Translation:I cannot work tomorrow.

3 months ago



Why isn't it trabajo

3 months ago

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Trabajo is a conjugated verb in the yo form, and so is puedo. You can almost never have two conjugated verbs together. Here it would be something like saying [I cannot I work].
So the second verb needs to be an infinitive (the unconjugated form ending in -r).
No puedo trabajar. I cannot work.
Tengo que estudiar. I have to study.
Quiero aprender mucho. I want to learn a lot.

3 months ago


Are there any particular rules around when we can drop the "to" from the infinitive? "to work" vs "work". Is it a special thing when following poder, or do we do the same when following any verb where dropping the "to" would sound more natural?

2 months ago


When a verb follows any form of poder, that verb must be an infinitive.

1 month ago


I can't work tomorrow should also be accepted.

2 weeks ago
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