"Ele acredita que a garrafa tem vinho."

Translation:He believes that the bottle has wine.

March 27, 2013

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This is completely unidiomatic English, which is why I answered "he believes the bottle has wine in it." Or maybe it means "has wine left in it", or "contains wine." But no matter what, the English is weird.


I totally agree


Even though the english sentence is weird, is that a normal portuguese sentence? Is that how you would say that?


Yes, TheChexMixer! I guess it could be said this way in Portuguese, but there are other, better ways to say it:

Ele acredita que tem vinho na garrafa. He believes that there is wine in the bottle.

And, as suggested by saniac, you could also say these similar sentences:

Ele acredita que ainda tem vinho na garrafa.
He believes that there is still wine in the bottle.

Ele acredita que a garrafa contém vinho.
He believes that the bottle contains wine.

I hope this helps. =]


Couldn't it also be translated with "He thinks that in the bottle there's wine"?


That´s not the literal translation, and since it´s not very natural-sounding English, there is not much point to it.


"He believes that the bottle contains wine" was accepted. This sounds right in English and conveys the right meaning, although "contains" is not the usual translation for "tem".

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