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  5. "B'Elanna sleeps."

"B'Elanna sleeps."

Translation:Qong beylana.

July 7, 2018



Does anyone else find it interesting/amusing that the English spelling of B'Elanna contains an apostrophe, but the Klingon spelling does not?

I realize that the resemblance is purely orthographic, since the two represent completely different things phonetically: the Klingon qaghwI' (') represents a glottal stop, while in English, it's more likely that the apostrophe is meant to represent some kind of aspiration of the initial B. Most likely, the Voyager writer(s) who came up with B'Elanna's name were just looking for something that appeared to be alien, and had no knowledge of Klingon at all.

Still, it's mildly amusing, since ' is an actual commonly-used letter/sound in Klingon. :-)


Marc Okrand has explained that beylana is the way the name is pronounced by B'Elanna and her mother, who were the only Klingons in a Federation colony, which isn't necessarily the Klingon pronunciation of the original name.


I don't think that the apostrophe in the English B'Elanna is intended to be pronounced at all. I think it's just a generic scifi apostrophe that was added to make the name appear more exotic in print.

The scifi apostrophe is such a cliché that a number of sites warn aspiring fiction writers to avoid it.

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