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  5. "Unahitaji gesi"

"Unahitaji gesi"

Translation:You need gas

July 7, 2018



Gas as in oxygen and hydrogen, but not gasoline.


yeah, we don't really refer to it as gas in East Africa, we just call it petrol. To be honest I had no idea that 'gas' was gasoline the first time I heard it


Yeah, it's only really an American thing. Basically all non-American English dialects just use "petrol" and "gas" only means the state of matter.


Natural gas, gesi ya asili.


But I don't need it in my stomach. I will only have to let it out


Maybe the meaning of "gesi" is restricted to "natural gas / propane" ?? I remember having to travel many miles in Kenya to get the gas cylinders for the stove/oven refilled. I think "gas/gasoline" is always "petroli". So back to the question of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Are they "gesi" or "hewa"??


you can also use it for gases. 'Hewa' is the general term for 'air' so it doesn't refer to any specific gas. We only use "petroli" for gasoline because we don't call it gasoline in English, we use British English term, petrol. So to answer your question, they are "gesi"


This is an awful question! Also "Gesi" Gas sounds like "kesi" court case...


Why? It could be an answer to the question, Q:"How do I get this stove to work?". A: "You need gas. It's a gas stove, and wouldn't work without it."

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