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"I do not understand your name."

Translation:ponglIj vIyajbe'.

July 7, 2018



What's the -lIj in ponglIj?


It is a noun suffix meaning "your" for a noun that is not a being that can use language.


And more specifically, a noun that belongs to one person that you are speaking to.

For example, if you are speaking to one person, then "your language" is HollIj (Hol = language) but if you were speaking to multiple people, you would need a different suffix for "your" ("y'all's") which will be taught later.


Why is the prefix "vI-" instead of "jI-" on the verb yaj? I thought "ji-" was used for the subject "I" and "vi-" is used for the subject "you"(sing.)... is this not the case?


Both {vI-} and {jI-} prefixes refer to the Subject "I".

It is the Object that differs.
{jI-} indicates there is no Object.
{vI-} indicates an object that is a "him/her/it/them".
In this sentence it refers to an "it", the noun {ponglIj}

Edit: for completeness,
you (singular) -> no-object is {bI-}
you (singular) -> him-her-it-them is {Da-}


Ah, that makes sense! Thanks!

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