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  5. "My pears are big and good."

"My pears are big and good."

Translation:Mé hrušky jsou velké a dobré.

July 7, 2018



I am confused about "me"?


"Mé" is an alternative to "moje." See the link below, and click on Declension if the table is not visible. This may also be covered in the Tips and Notes for the Skill.



Why is "Moje hrušky ..." marked wrong? From the tips I understood that "mé" is an alternative to "moje" and that "moje" is more common.


You need to ask about a complete sentence. If you believe your answer is correct, use the report button.


Why is it "Mé hrušky jsou velké a dobré" and not "Mé hrušky jsou velky a dobry"


Hruška is grammatically feminine, and hrušky is its nominative plural form. The adjective endings are as shown, because they are the correct nominative plural forms for adjectives that modify feminine nouns.

Velký and dobrý would be correct for a singular masculine inanimate noun like, for example, automobil. In the nominative plural, for automobily, the adjective endings would be the same as they are for hrušky. See, for example, the declension table for velký at this handy site: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/velk%C3%BD#Declension.


FWIW, "Moje hrušky sou velký a dobrý" would be Common Czech (the non-standard version of Czech that is widely used in casual speech especially in Bohemia), but not "mé". However, this course teaches standard Czech, of course.

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