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  5. "The spring is a season."

"The spring is a season."

Translation:A primavera é uma estação.

March 27, 2013



What's the difference between temporada and estação?


Season is estação do ano (summer, spring, autumn, winter). Temporada is a short period of something, even a game, similar to época (epoch). A temporada de gripe ocorre nos próximos 3 meses (flu season is for the next 3 months)


Paul, you are always super helpful. Obrigado para sua ajuda!

I don't know my numbers yet, so it'd be cool if you used words rather than digits :-).


Thx ;) i just havent noticed that. Frow now on i'll follow your tip. Muito obrigado!!


why is the answer ' uma estacao' a femine noun? instean of 'um estacao'. how can a season be a man or a woman? i dont get it


Most words ending in -ção are feminine -- a function of the forms of the language: feminine words mostly refer to most females, rather than sex referring to feminine gender. (P.D. : ç is NOT the same as c; use the cedilla for the ss sound before a o u.)


Estação is a feminine word. Every noun in Portuguese has gender amd it is good to learn them along with the article in order to get it! =) As for the gender, it is not related to the "sex" of the word itself.


Surely estação is station. I am in Portugal and the signs say estação and have a train station on them.

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