When is a/az used after ezek and azok?


I am having some difficulty figuring out when to us a/az after ezek and azok. It seems when I don't use it, it should be there and when I do use it, it shouldn't be there.

July 8, 2018


Native speaker here.

Meanings: - ez = this - az = that (but it can be a definite article, too) - ezek = these - azok = those

If you use them in an adjective's role, you should use the definite article after them. If you use them as the subject of the sentence, you should not do so.

Examples: Ez az ember magas. = This man is tall. Az a nő alacsony. = That woman is short. Ezek az autók kékek. = These cars are blue. Azok a házak kicsik. = Those houses are small.

Ez egy magas ember. = This is a tall man. Az egy alacsony nő. = That is a short woman. Ezek kék autók. = These are blue cars. Azok kicsi házak. = Those are small houses.

Also note, that in the first case, if the noun gets a suffix, the "ez/az/ezek/azok" will get it, too. For example:

Láttam ezt az autót. = I've seen this car. Ezzel a nővel táncolok. = I am dancing with this woman.

July 8, 2018

By the way, you can use a/az after ez/az/ezek/azok, even if the latter is the subject. See these examples:

Ez a magas ember. = This is the tall man. Az az alacsony nő. = That is the short woman. Ezek a kék autók. = These are the blue cars. Azok a kicsi házak. = Those are the small houses.

Note, that in this case, you use a definite article in English, too.

July 8, 2018


Thanks -- that might help :-)

July 8, 2018


I'm not sure what do you mean, could you give some examples?

Some examples from me:
Ezek az almák szépek - These apples are pretty
Ezek nem a tieid - These are not yours
Azok az emberek rosszak - Those people are bad
Azok már ettek - Those are already ate

July 8, 2018

The difficulty is that 'az' has two different meanings.
az =
1. (pronoun) it, that
2. (definite article/determiner) the
see: here

Compare the two sentences:
Az az az asztal, amelyiket használjuk. = That is the table which we use.
Az az asztal nagy. = That table is large.

July 8, 2018

To answer your original question:
Ezek/Azok az asztalok, amelyiket használjuk. = These/Those are the tables which we use.
In plural, I think 'Azok azok az asztalok...' isn't natural, but not incorrect.

So 'ez, az, ezek, azok' are demonstrative pronouns, 'a, az' definite articles.

July 9, 2018
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