"A bus."

Translation:Un autobús.

3 months ago



Is this the word for bus regardless if you are in Spain or in South-America?

3 months ago

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As far as I know it changes by region; but in latin-america, autobús and ómnibus are the more generic terms used, although ómnibus is thought of as an old fashioned term. Other terms like colectivo, camión (mainly used in mexico), or even bus are used, too. Fun fact - in Brasil, we generally use the variation: ônibus.

3 months ago


Somewhere in Central America they call it a gua-gua.(Of coyrse i can't remember where to save my life)

2 months ago


In the Dominican Republic a gua-gua is public transport van that stops wherever you wave it down and drops you wherever you ask. Price is by zone. Very affordable. Can be a small passenger van or a van with 5 rows of seats. There are rules about how many passengers but ... that can be flexible. You may end up pretty squished.

1 month ago


Its also called gua-gua in the Canarie Islands. Like Tenerife an Gran Canaria

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