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Course contributors NEED to fix bad sentences

I love this course, but unfortunately after getting through the first 20% of it, it is littered with bad sentences, weird and unexplained grammar, and crappy sentence acceptances. Take for example, this sentence:


"when it is cloudy, i like to read books at home" would not be accepted, while "when it is cloudy, i like reading books"

It also slaps you on the wrist for slightly different yet completely legal ENGLISH sentence structure!

"Yesterday it was sunny in Beijing" would not be accepted while "It was sunny in Beijing yesterday" would be.

Please fix this!

July 8, 2018



There are volunteers working to improve the courses. Sometimes it just takes time. Please keep reporting these issues such that they are known (click report when a valid answer is rejected).


Trivial obvious errors are frequently uncorrected six months after multiple submissions. It is clear they are woefully short of volunteers to correct the answers. If this were not free I would be really angry but as it is free you just have to work with what is there.

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