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"Officer, beam down five people!"

Translation:yaS, vagh ghot tIQol!

July 8, 2018



tlhaQqu', yaS. DaH Sutchaj yIQol!


I have to admit, I literally laughed out loud when I read that.

Also, a pity we "don't have" tlhaQ. (We sort of do, but only in the Pronunciation unit, and the words there are not intended to be treated as known later in the course; any words that are officially part of the course will be introduced "officially" in another specific unit, and tlhaQ is not one of those.)

Still, DaH Sutchaj yIQol! sounds like a fun sentence to add, so I did so.


Sure about that ? Pretty Very sure there's a tlhaQ sentence in the Purpose skill (or was it in suffixes?)


Just found it again while reprising sentences in Purpose/16:
"tlhaQbe' vongwI'. nujoy'taH."


Thanks! I've "removed" that sentence.


What's wrong with tlhaQ that it is not included?


Hence my wording with "not intended" -- sometimes those vocabulary items do get used.

I think the idea was to be able to remove the skill entirely if audio doesn't arrive in a timely manner without affecting any of the rest of the course (words suddenly missing etc.) but we haven't kept to that 100%.


Or rather replace it completely in Tree 2 after we've learned how to make it more useful from Tree 1.

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