Why isn't there new vocabulary added to the categories as I increase in levels?

Two days ago I passed all of my level 2 subjects. I was really excited to be on level 3 but admittedly concerned about having to go back to basics. I was disappointed to not have new vocabulary added to the categories. There are so many words that would be helpful. For example: Family: How do I say Great Grandmother, etc. Food: Cookie? Ice cream? avocado? Animals: dolphin? moose? camel?...... I am so terribly disappointed. :(

There was no way I could work back through on Level 3 of basics, etc. That is like placing a college freshman in a kindergarten reader. "See Sally run. Run Sally. Run."

I am grateful that I could test out of those basics BUT I would be so much happier had you challenged me to learn new words. You are so great at making improvements. I hope you will consider this feedback.

6 months ago

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When you advance levels within a single skill you get fewer word banks, longer sentences, less common conjugations, multiple grammatical principles in combination, idioms, new uses of prepositions and more difficult distinctions. But you don't get a lot of new vocabulary.

For that you have to practice additional skills, typically farther down in the tree.

If you've finished all the skills at level 3, you've seen most of the vocabulary Duolingo teaches. New words will keep dribbling in, though.

6 months ago
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The point of the higher levels is to practice the words you learned in the first level. If they introduced new vocab in each level, you'd never really practice and it would be overwhelming.

The new words come in the new lessons.

6 months ago
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you should expect that you might have seen all (most) words on crowns L0->L1.

Maybe for a few sentences, which many user had errors with, those sentences (and contained words) might be put back a little bit...

You can find these complains from many users, that the crown levels are not working that good for the earlier skills in your tree.

You might want to try higher crown levels for the content of the many verb tense skills or grammar skills at the last 50-100% in your tree (more directed to the bottom).

Sentence length and difficulty might vary...if you are lucky...


I was really changed for my updated EN-PT tree (June 2016) when I used the old "lesson test-out" and I saw several suspended sentences from 3 or even 4-5 years ago (no new comments), which got obviously reactivated in the crown model.

Sorry, I can not speak about the old or new EN-SP tree.
The 20th question of was quite often the hardest in the old test-out of 20 total questions; however, I have not yet tried to level up crowns from L2 to L3 with the new "A/B skill crown level" test-out...

6 months ago
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