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I have problems with German listening.

Every time i listen to people speaking german i have trouble understanding them. Like if there's model verb in one sentence, the verb is at the end of the sentence, that means i have to wait for the whole sentence to finish to completely understand it, and i can never get used to that. Any advice?

March 27, 2013



I have the same problem! I sometimes even forget something the person said earlier in the sentence before they've finished it because I focus too much on waiting for the second verb. Tips would definitely be greatly appreciated.


unfortunately it just takes practice :( and omega3.. lots of Omega3 coz it helps with memory ;)


Don't give up! German is a hard language but you'll get the hang of it eventually :)


What I've done is purchased a copy of Harry Potter in German, both audio and text, so that I can follow along. I think it helps.


And while speaking German i'm always trying to find the corresponding word in english and use it the english way and always confuses people, how frustrating!


After having got used to using sein with come verbs in the perfect tense I now find I have used haben get to the end of the sentence and suddenly realise my mistake, ie "ich habe in den Laden gega... ich bin in den Laden gegangen." :-)

I can speak from experience the verb at the end of the clause thing does slowly but surely get easier

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