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" hrušky jsou velké a dobré."

Translation:My pears are big and good.

July 8, 2018



Shouldn't it be "Moje hrušky..."? Why are we using "Mé" in this case?


I am thinking "moje" would be more common in everyday speech as in this sentence, but "mé" is also used. Am I right, VladaFu? Would it sound strange if I used "mé" when talking to a friend?


The problem is that most often a talk with a friend happens in Common Czech, not in standard Czech. So indeed, you are more likely to say moje, because mé changes to mý in Common Czech. And where Common Czech is not appropriate, moje sounds less formal than mé.


Thanks. Very helpful.


Why cannot be "tasty"?


We currently do not accept it anywhere. We have a direct equivalent of tasty - chutný.

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