Problem.... SOS

Duolingo is freezing up and my lesson will start over again. Where it might be beneficial to see the material again it is aggravating when I am on a schedule for a class.... Could it be my browser or has this been occurring for others? Help?

April 29, 2014


1) move this to trouble shooting. To do that click “edit” below your post, and than scroll up to the top to choose this forum in the drop down menu. Then save!

2) add you operating system (Window, which version, iOS which version), you browser (Safari, firefox etc) to you post.

3) what kind of internet connection are you using? (Satellite sometimes causes problems).

4) during which kinds of lessons does this happen (timed practice, lesson practice, new lessons?)

I've been having that experience in the past few days too, but not today.

We need more information from you in order to troubleshoot this. Where are you experiencing this? What lesson? What browser? Thanks!

I am experiencing this at school. I am having most of my problems in the Prepositions lessons, I am on the Firefox! Thanks!

Well, this is more toward what kristenmc said to you. Download one of these three and try in that! If you use Linux, go to and download their free browser. If you use Mac, go to and download their free browser. If you use Win, go to and download their free browser. Or if you use something like DOS or Command Line UNIX and integrated web compatibility (which I doubt) then i'm sorry but you have to do your own stuff. :-)

Thanks! I am on Firefox and I read that this new update is trippy for Duolingo. So....

Are you refereing to 20 or are you referring to 21? my mac at home works fine, tried both 20 and 21. Both of them work fine. I forgot to mention, an android tablet like mine with slow and laggy responses or an iDevice will work fine with the FREE duolingo app, used it myself.

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