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"mujoy'meH loghDaq muQol jaghpu'wI'."

Translation:My enemies beamed me into space in order to torture me.

July 8, 2018



Is this why there is a transporter system in the bathroom of the other sentence?


chaq! tu'pu'ghach Dun!


ghot qan jIH 'ach (jaHpu'wI') Qoy'a' vay'. pagh (jaghpu'wI')

Also if theres time how badly did I butcher my comment?


The grammar seems ok, but it's not making a lot of sense to me, so I'm not sure you communicated what you meant to. I would translate that as:
"I am an old person, but does anyone hear (the one who has gone)? Zero (of my ememies)."

Your first sentence (ghot qan jIH) uses the copula ("this is that") to emphasize being a person more than being old. That's difficult to express in written English, but in spoken English I would say the word "person" with extra stress. If your point was really about the age, it would be better expressed with jIqan ("I am old").

jaHpu'wI' ("one who has gone") is a very odd word, but since you use jaghpu'wI' later, I wonder if it wasn't a typo for that. I don't understand why the word is in parentheses both times (or each word of they are meant to be different).

If you would like, feel free to ask about why I translated parts in a certain way or how you could have expressed something better.


This is perhaps a redundant comment. I was asked to verify my email and then the comment disappeared, wasn't sure if was being moderated.

ghot qan jIH was a choice. I was trying to express that being part of a group it is possible that I might share some of their qualities.

I used parentheses as quotation marks to avoid confusion with Qaghwi'mey.

I did in fact misuse pagh, which I misremembered as a negative conjunction, something like "but not".

So what I meant to ask was "Is anyone hearing jaHpu'wI' instead of jaghpu'wI'?". In the audio of the question that is.

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