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  5. "nav vIghIDmeH nIqDob vIlo'."

"nav vIghIDmeH nIqDob vIlo'."

Translation:I used a hole punch in order to perforate a sheet of paper.

July 8, 2018



For those who may want an easy way to remember the word for "hole punch", you might try reading the Klingon word backwards.


Means nothing to me.


Among the definitions of "bodkin" is a tool for punching holes in leather/cloth.


That was very clever. I wish I had done it.


Clarification for the flag I just submitted: Aside from being unusually quiet for one of Qov's recordings, her pronunciation of "nIqDob" seems to have gotten distorted. It sounds like she's saying "nIq vob" or " nIq lob". Those spaces I put in the middle there are intentional. There's a definite break after the qay that I'm sure she put there for clarity, but the starting letter of the next syllable is so quiet that I hear either a vay or a lay, but definitely NOT the Day she intended.

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