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Golden Esperanto Tree :)


I've been trying to get a golden tree ever since the new crown system came out. I came very close to a golden tree in Esperanto around 2 months ago, but then the new tree came out when I had two incomplete skills left that were both at Level 4. This was initially discouraging, especially since many of my golden skills were either removed or updated and reset to Level 0, but I got over it and started working my way up on the new skills.

When the level testing came out this week, I was able to quickly finish up my last eight skills. The level testing felt a bit like cheating since levelling up used to take me several hours and now it only takes me 5-20 minutes, but frankly I'm just happy that my tree is golden after several months of intense Duolingo-ing.

Next step: a golden Japanese tree!

July 9, 2018



Gratulon! Mi ne havas la oran arbon sed mi havas la strigon oran.


Gratulojn! Se vi scipovis gajni nivelojn sen eraroj... do tio ne estas trompi, sed signifas ke vi sufiĉe bone konas vortojn kaj scias gramatikon. Vi ne plu bezonas Duolingon nun.


Dankon! Mi ankoraŭ faras erarojn kelkfoje, sed kiam mi faris ilin, aŭ mi konis kial mia traduko malpravas aŭ mi lernis la kialon. Mi daŭrigas lerni Esperanto per Duolingo kaj per aliaj rimedoj.


Wow! Good job!


Gratulon! Mi esperas, ke mi kompletos la arbon iam.


Gratulon! Tio estas ege mojosa! Cxu vi sentas ke vi povas paroli Esperanton flue? Mi ankoraux ne finis mian esperantan arbon cxar mi estas iomete pigra, sed mi dauxre uzas la lingvon kaj lernas gxin.


Mi ne flue parolas ĝin, sed mi povas komforte legi kaj skribi ĝin.


Congratulations ! i think it's the first time I see the image of a full golden tree ;))

I'm a bit more focused on my german tree lately , but I will complete it one day . How do we say "congratulations " in esperanto ?


congratulations! = gratulon!

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Good job!






2400 experience points in one day?

That is 240 lessons at 10xp each- at about 5 minutes each = 20 hours of work.

You did 20 hours of work on Duolingo in one day?


Jumping levels using the new level testing feature allows one to get an absurd number of XP points in a short amount of time. The most points I've gotten in one day without level testing is around 1000, I think.


Wow. When I found out about Esperanto and started learning it, I got ~700XP in the first day lol.


Interesting. Even 1000 is pretty impressive XP score. How many points do you get for testing out? The same number as if you worked all the lessons organically? If so, I can see how that might net you a lot of XP.

Wow... just tested that out and got 800xp in 15 minutes. That's dangerous. I'm only going to do that on the first third of the course where it is ridiculously easy and I couldn't learn more.

As tempting as it would be on the later courses (and I could probably pass many of them too)- I need the practice so I will resist using that exploit. :)

It is good that we can test out though from some of those lessons. No reason to spend hours saying the bread is good.


Leveling up or testing out of a still is 40 xp


Assuming there are 4 lessons in a section.

I did one sectio that had 20 lessons to get to level 5.

5 minutes gave me 200xp. Doing each lesson seperated in the section would have taken an hour.

Now, I really don't care how much time and effort people spend to get their XP. I'm only doing the levelling up on sections I'm 100% comfortable with. If I'm not 100% comfortable I'm doing things the old fashioned way. As tedious as it is, I'm here to learn... Not just to have fun.

I suspect some people will level up on things to go for the XP even if they're not completely comfortable. They won't learn as much but that's not my concern.

[deactivated user]

    seriously,i want to ask as esperanto learner how long did it take?


    Now that you can skip levels by taking tests, it can take significantly less time than before. There are 62 skills, so if you do one skill a day, it would take around 2 months. If you spend several hours per day, you could probably get it done in less than a month.

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