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"We waited for the airplane at the airport."

Translation:Čekali jsme na letadlo na letišti.

July 9, 2018



Isn't počkat the same, just that it is a "completed" action? I got wrong for this: Počkali jsme na letadlo na letišti.


I have tought about this for two days. It is somewhat strange in this sentence, but we will probably have to allow this here. The imperfective sentence stresses more the act of waiting. The perfective one less so and can just inform that it happened at the airport (but where else that could happen?). Also, the imperfective one does not necessary mean that the waiting finished succesfully.


Thanks for this very thorough analysis. It gave me one more puzzle piece to better understand the Czech perfective and imperfective.


Would “Na letišti jsme počkali na letadlo” sound less strange?


no, that would be more strange.

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