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"This girl is nine years old."

Translation:Esta niña tiene nueve años.

3 months ago



Even in French we do say (j'ai neuf ans, which mean I have nine years litteraly but means I'm nine in English. ) French and Spanish use the same rule and verb ( To have) to tell age instead of ( to be) in English

1 month ago


Why is this "tiene nueve años" and not "esta nueve años" or something that uses the word "is" and not "has"

3 months ago


Because that would be English

3 months ago

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Because in Spanish you say How many years do you have? I have 9 years. In Spanish that is the same as How old are you? I am 9 years old, in English. But it would not be correct to say I am 9 years old in Spanish, just the same as it would not be correct to say I have 9 years. . . in English. Hope that makes sense

2 months ago