"Esta oficina tiene diez mujeres."

Translation:This office has ten women.

5 months ago



Estelle0 I was marked incorrect, stating I used the "tu" form (tienes) instead of "tiene". I tho't it was wrong, but listened to the sentence three times, and had my daughter listen to it and she heard the same thing as I. Have found several statements in Spanish in a man's voice (sounds like the same man) that had obvious errors in pronunciation recently. Sentences beginning with "Mi" only sound like "mi" when one runs the faster speech of the same sentence. (in the example)

2 months ago

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I agree, it is very hard to understand the voices at times, especially the man's (for me). Maybe it's my old ears, or maybe I am not well tuned to Spanish sounds.

2 months ago


Lucky office.

2 months ago


my kind of office

2 months ago


I find the sound on the woman´s voice is often obscure - not so much so with the man´s voice. Lately I´ve noticed that the woman sometimes speaks a ´male´ sentence, and the man a ´woman´s´ sentence I´m guessing this is to make us listen carefully. Often when I make mistakes, it´s down to a typo, not hearing clearly, or not listening carefully. I try to do as much as I can manage every day, and of course, eventually my concentration slips because some of the units have lots of lessons.

3 weeks ago
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