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The hover hints cut off the top of some characters

This is in fact a general problem for all languages, but it becomes especially obvious with Hindi.


The first hover hint does actually say “मांस”. the anusvara is there (the fault isn’t with the course translators, they didn’t put in मास by mistake, I can tell by copying and pasting the text in the hover dropdown), but is hidden behind the white diamond‐shaped image, which can be seen better in this second screenshot:


This also noticeably affects Japanese and Chinese, though with those it’s less likely to make a word look like it’s spelled differently.

In case it makes a difference, my browser is Chrome.

April 29, 2014

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Thanks and lingots to you, M132T003C for letting us know. We will make team Duolingo aware of this issue.

Edit: btw great streak and nice profile comment to address Duolingo's current limitation around showing all the languages that one is learning!


M132T003C, team Duolingo has addressed this and the issue seems to be fixed based on our limited testing. Can you please verify and let us know if this cut-off is still happening for you?


Yes, it does appear to be fixed now.


Excellent! Thanks for the quick confirmation.


in the above sentence i could not write a hover dot in the middle of हूूूॅ can everyone solve this problem.


If you are using a Devanagari keyboard, the chandra bindu might be on the same key as the anuswaar.

If you are using Google Hindi input, typing 'hun' should get you there.

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