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"Io ti parlo ma tu non mi senti."

Translation:I speak to you but you do not hear me.

April 29, 2014



Why is "I talk to you but you don't listen to me" wrong?


I think if you wanted to say 'listen' you would have to use 'ascoltare'


Methinks sentire means to hear as in to sense. Listen implies pay attention to rather than ese (i.e. hear).


I think you're correct because when we say to listen someone, we are saying that we are paying attention on what the other is saying.


Another way to say the same thing is "I am telling you but you are not hearing me." But this is also rejected by DL. Does anyone understand why? Two lingots for the best answer that in my judgment is received on this question, and another lingot for the best runner-up.


why is "tu" necessary here when senti is already there?


No it is not necessary so not sure why. Just another of those Duo things.


I am speaking to you but you did not hear me. Why is that wrong


Commentator: "marriage"


Why is it "mi" and not "me"?


This is a left over from the Latin. In Latin the declension of the noun for me had different ending depending on the use so “mi” represents the dative or genetive cases and even the ablative. So by, with, from, to + me can be expressed as mi. If you use me as the accusative, the objective as we know it, it would be “me” eg. il regalo è per me. Hope that helps a little.

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